What is a beta when discussing men?

Beta male

A beta, or beta male, is a male who shows submissive, passive characteristics. Self-proclaimed alphas often use this term to describe males they consider weak and/or inferior.

For example, incels often describe "unmasculine" men (who show such "terrible" traits as kindness to others and deference to women) as betas. Many of these incels, who picture themselves as frustrated alphas-in-the-making, may even decry their own beta status.

Alt-right communities also use the term beta, to describe men they feel are too woke and anti-male in their beliefs. These "traditionalists" think progressive males are too deferential to others' feelings and opinions, and should instead assert their inherent right to dominance.


Simon's such a beta. Can you believe he cooks his wife dinner every night?
... yes, I can. This is why you don't have a GF, Chad
A couple different views on betas
A couple different views on betas

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Updated March 9, 2023

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