What does D/S mean online?


D/S refers to a relationship where one person is the dominant one, and the other person is the submissive one. You will likely see it online, like chat rooms or dating sites (and apps).

People may use D/S (or D/s) in various contexts. For example, a person may post "Looking for a D/s situation" online when describing the type of romantic relationship they are looking for.

Others may use D/S to describe the personality dynamics of a relationship (family, friendship, romantic relationship, etc.). For example, if your friend is dating a toxic guy who is domineering, you might message them, "Brad is way too controlling. You need to get out of the d/s relationship."


That d/s relationship is bad news. Sherry needs to break up with him
Preaching to the choir. I've told her that a million times

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Updated July 5, 2023

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