What is a sigma when discussing men?

Sigma male

A sigma, or sigma male, is a loner who stands outside the "typical" male social hierarchy. The sigma, it is believed, has no interest in "belonging" or "looking cool." Instead, they do what they want, because they want to - without thought to how others view them.

Males who give thought to social rankings (such as incels and overly-egotistical teens) often consider sigmas to be the coolest of the cool. In these men's minds, a sigma's introverted, regimented, and asocial demeanor is something to which all men should aspire.

However, netizens who self-identify as sigmas often do so in hopes of looking cool to others. This, of course, means they are not true sigmas. For this reason (and the fact that true sigmas are often douches), many social media and forum users mock sigmas, in the same way they mock self-proclaimed alphas.


I'm living that sigma lifestyle; I don't care what anyone else thinks
Cool, cool. Will you stop bragging about it on TikTok then?
Some of the things self-proclaimed sigmas love
Some of the things self-proclaimed sigmas love

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Updated March 9, 2023

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