The MLB Postseason is in Full Swing

For some of us, October brings falling leaves, hot apple cider, crisp autumn air, and pumpkin flavored everything. For baseball fans, October brings the most anticipated event of the year – the Fall Classic, aka the World Series, where the AL and NL champions play for baseball glory. With this event comes a mitt's worth of baseball acronyms, abbreviations, and slang terms that the average viewer may not know.

One of the most common baseball acronyms you will see in October is MLB, which stands for Major League Baseball. This acronym represents the 30 professional baseball teams located in both United States and Canada. These teams are divided into 2 leagues, the AL and NL, which are divided into regional divisions, the West, Central, and East. At the end of the regular season, the winners of each division, along with two wild card teams from each league, play each other in the ALDS and NLDS. The winners then match up in the ALCS and NLCS. The two remaining teams play each other in the World Series.

As you watch, listen to, or read about the MLB postseason, you will encounter a variety of different slang terms, acronyms, and abbreviations. But fear not, we have you covered. Whether it be a HR, ribby, a heater from a southpaw, or a ruthian bomb to center, we have an extensive list of baseball terms that will keep you in the game. Play ball!