TikTok's Secret Number Codes: The Definitive Cheat Sheet

The meanings of TikTok's secret number codes

Recently, TikTokers have begun using a bevy of "secret" four-number codes as shorthand for emotional phrases. For example, you might see a TikToker post a video whose caption reads just "9080." This number is a coded message that means "I want you with me."

Because the sheer number of these TikTok codes is overwhelming, and because some signal that a TikToker is in dire straits, we've gathered as many codes and meanings as we can and posted them below. But be warned: different TikTokers use some of these codes to mean different things. While we've noted codes that we know have multiple meanings, it's very likely that some of the codes below have additional, unlisted meanings.

Code Meaning
0012 People ruined me
0079 That hurts
0193 I don't want to be here
0473 Hug me please
0563 Please don't leave me
0763 You promised
0931 I'm losing my feelings
0932 I'm just here
1007 Come back, love -or- feel my love
1023 It's over
1038 I can't stop loving you
1087 I miss the old us
1092 I need to talk to you
1213 I have a headache
1234 I'm dreaming of you -or- I'm sad right now
1443 I don't love you
1502 I'm happy you exist
1543 I still love you
2019 Late night call?
2201 Stay happy, love
2789 I'm tired of life
2814 I like you a lot
2845 Be mine
3104 I love you, but I can't say it
3256 You're so attractive
3333 I'll love you until my last day
3446 Make a move
3639 You changed
3918 I am 101% in love with you
4017 Did I make your day?
4202 Let's end this
4284 Our story will never end
4300 Let's hang out
4411 I feel numb
4512 I hate it here
4721 I miss you
4852 Can I court you?
5102 Still into you, love
5280 Be mine
5291 I'll risk my life for you
5690 You left me with memories
5714 I can't do this anymore
5801 I'm sorry for loving you
5900 I feel sick
5998 You're my world
6027 I'm falling for you
6124 You're so annoying
6206 I hate you, just kidding, I love you
6302 I'm starting to like you
6372 You're my happiness
6499 Please help me through this pain
6620 I need your love
6731 I'm losing it again
7000 I just want attention
7098 Please notice me
7432 They left me
7475 You're perfect
7492 I wish I could have a better life
7721 You made another pain
8750 I hate everyone
8891 They left
8900 Make a move
9080 I want you with me
9100 Sorry I hurt you
9230 It's getting worse
9443 I need comfort
9487 It's okay to not be okay
9870 It's been a while, love