8 Ways to Text "I Love You" This Valentine's Day

Text your BAE ILY this Valentine's Day

Are you looking for a unique, semi-cryptic way to say "I love you" this Valentine's Day? Well, look no further! If you can't be bothered to type out the ten characters that comprise "I love you" (we get it, you're not made of time), you can text your SO one of these romantic abbreviations instead.

(Of course, we don't guarantee your SO will understand what you've sent.)

1. ILU

ILU is one of the most straightforward ways to condense "I love you." Each letter stands for a word in "I love you," with U replacing "you" as it does in many other texting acronyms. This three-letter version of "I love you," your partner might actually understand.

2. ILY

Similarly, ILY also uses single letters to represent each word in "I love you." However, if you didn't like ILU, you probably won't like ILY either. So how about we start getting a bit more esoteric?


Now we're cooking. ILYSM is an expansion of ILY, and it stands for "I love you so much." Adding two extra letters to ILY lets you a) express the true depth of your love and b) confuse the heck out of your SO. You might want to avoid this acronym, however, as most SOs who understand it quickly point out that someone who loves them "so much" would take the time to type out "I love you."


If you like the idea of adding extra letters to ILY, but ILYSM doesn't float your boat, you can try ILYLC instead. This acronym stands for "I love you like crazy," and the fact that it implies you're insane gives you a great defense when your SO asks why you didn't just send "I love you."

5. 143

If you think acronyms are too understandable, why not try saying "I love you" with numbers? Yes, 143 means "I love you" according to some "romantics." This version of "I love you" is derived from the pattern of a Boston lighthouse's flashes. Will that mean anything to your SO? Probably not, but there's only one way to find out.

6. 831

831 is yet another numerical abbreviation for "I love you." Or rather, to be more precise, 831 stands for "8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning" - a complicated phrase that refers to "I love you." (If you or your SO can't figure out why, count the number of letters and words in "I love you.")

7. 459

Old-school texters stand the best chance of knowing that 459 means "I love you." This numerical version of "I love you" is derived from telephone keypads, which (yes, kids) include letters on them in addition to numbers. The numbers here line up with I, L, and Y, creating another version of ILY. (Similarly, you can use 458 to stand in for ILU.)

8. JTM

And finally, if English-based acronyms and numerical abbreviations aren't obscure enough for you, you can use JTM to stand in for "je t'aime" - the French version of "I love you." Just don't be surprised if your SO responds to JTM with IHY.