What does ILYSM stand for?

I love you so much

Those who really, truly love you may use the acronym ILYSM to stand for "I love you so much." This acronym is more expressive than ILY and shows an extra level of care and commitment. After all, the person who sent you ILYSM took the time to type two whole extra letters.

Seriously though, if you actually love a person so much, you should take the time to tell them so. Unless you have a minute or less to live, consider typing out a full message instead of just ILYSM, or possibly even giving your loved one a call. (Yes, phones can still make calls.)


Thanks for the anniversary gift! ILYSM!
Aw, it was nothing, sweetie. ILY2

A statement that is more meaningful than ILYSM

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Updated February 2, 2021

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