What does IHY stand for in messages?

I hate you

IHY is the opposite of ILY, which stands for "I love you." You can use IHY jokingly when you're upset or seriously if you really don't like someone.

Who uses IHY?

Teens and tweens use IHY the most since their emotions are prone to swing back and forth on the love/hate spectrum. However, young adults and millennials may also use it.

When should I use IHY?

You can text IHY to close friends who know you are joking. For example, IHY may be a sarcastic response if you're mad or jealous about something they get to do, like go to a concert or beat you in a game.

Remember, it's not always easy to tell when someone is joking, especially when texting or messaging online. So be judicious in how you use IHY. If the recipient gets upset, you can let them know you were joking and say "IMS."


IHY - I can't believe you got a better grade than me on that test

Molly Ringwald would have used IHY as a teen

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Updated April 27, 2021

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