What does cab mean?


Cab means taxi. It is a common way to refer to the vehicle used to drive passengers from one location to another for a fare. It may also appear as "taxi cab."

The cab term comes from the cab of a car which is the covered compartment where the operator or driver of the vehicle sits. It is often used as a noun but may also be used as a verb such as "we cabbed to the game" or "he cabs part-time for extra cash." Cabs are most common in densely populated areas, such as New York City or Chicago, where it is impractical or too expensive to own your own car and you need to get from one location to another in a hurry.


Do u wanna drive or should we get a cab?
Line of yellow cabs in New York City
Line of yellow cabs in New York City

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Updated July 20, 2016

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