What does it mean to chillax?

Chill and relax

Chillax is a combination of "chill" and "relax" that refers to when somebody takes time off to better enjoy life. It is often used to tell a person who is tense to settle down and "take it easy."

The origin of "chillax" dates back to at least 2001, with comedian Las Visciedo claiming that he created the combination of the two words when arguing with his girlfriend. She did not receive it well and promptly broke up with him. Some others have claimed they invented the word in the 1990s but no clear evidence has been provided.

It grew in popularity in the 2000s especially among notorious slackers with a laidback disposition, such as surfers, stoners, and college students that play hackeysack in the "quad." These individuals chillax by choosing to slow down the pace of their lives physically and mentally to better enjoy life, or just because they are lazy. Some examples of chillaxing include hanging out on the couch binge-watching a show, going to the beach to take a nap, or reading a book in your hammock in the park.

You will most likely see or hear the term when a laidback person is getting stressed out by an uptight individual and tells him to "Chillax, bruh!" This may be a trespassing surfer annoyed by a police officer or a teenager feeling smothered by his overbearing father.


I think I'm just gonna chillax and watch some TV
Sloths are all about chillaxing
Sloths are all about chillaxing

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Updated December 14, 2020

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