What is kthxbai short for?

OK, thanks, bye

When you want to wrap up a conversation in a hurry, you can use kthxbai to mean "Ok, thanks. Bye." This 3-in-1 abbreviation is quite the time saver, and it shows off your mad chatting and texting skillz.

Is it polite to use kthxbai to end a conversation?

It depends who you're talking to. If you're chatting with a friend or close family member, kthxbai is likely a perfectly appropriate way to end a conversation. However, if you're chatting with a co-worker or your boss, kthxbai may come off as flippant and dismissive. So, you may want to opt for typing out, "Ok, thanks. Bye!"


It was fun chatting, TTYL
Kthxbai means "Ok, thanks, bye"
Kthxbai means "Ok, thanks, bye"

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Updated August 23, 2021

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