Netflix Cheating

What is Netflix cheating?

Watching future episodes of a favorite Netflix show without your partner

Netflix cheating is when you watch future episodes of a show you and your partner enjoy on Netflix but without your partner's knowledge. It is considered "cheating" because you are betraying your partner's trust, and it's typically done in secret.

The term dates back to when Netflix first began streaming shows online in the late-2000s. And due to technology's advancements, it has become increasingly easy to Netflix cheat (primarily on mobile devices).

While Netflix cheating is not as serious as physically cheating with another person, it can still cause a rift in a relationship. Also, Netflix cheating is not always limited to romantic partners. It may also occur between friends or family members that enjoy watching the same series together.

Reasons for Netflix cheating

Varying circumstances cause people to Netflix cheat. Some examples include the partner falling asleep, being too busy to watch due to work or other commitments, and disliking binge-watching long hours.


Don't you ever feel guilty Netflix cheating on Mary?
All the time, but I have no self-control!

Confessing your Netflix cheating ways

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Updated May 10, 2021

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