That Ain't It

What does that ain't it mean?

That's no good

When someone says "that ain't it," they are expressing disapproval about something someone has said or did that crossed the line and is in poor taste. It may be said in-person, sent in a text message, or posted online.

Oftentimes people say offensive things to be funny, or edgy. These things may be racist, sexist, ageist, or homophobic. So when a person says "that ain't it," they are really saying that the person chose the wrong thing to say or do.

While it may be said in-person to retort something stupid a person uttered, it is often utilized as a clapback online, especially on social sites like Twitter and Instagram. When used on Twitter, it is usually tweeted simply as "that ain't it" to reply to another tweet with an objectionable statement, image, or video.


Man, I hate it when women always talk about equal pay
That ain't it, bruh

When you know that ain't it

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Updated March 10, 2021

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