What does WMAO stand for?

Working my a** off


WMAO is when you are working so incredibly hard you feel like your behind is going to fall off. The acronym typically implies that you are really busy and/or exhausted.

Most people use WMAO in text messages or when messaging online on social media or in chatrooms. People typically send it in a complaining manner, whether their employer is taking advantage of them or they need to work multiple jobs out of necessity to make ends meet. Or, they may just be terrible at balancing their work/rest life.

Examples of when you may use it include complaining about how you've worked a ton finishing a project or that your boss is a jerk and wants you to work weekends in addition to your job throughout the week. Or, you might just be apologizing that you have been inaccessible to your friends the past week because you've been working too much.


Sorry I haven't called you back. I've been WMAO all week

I'm WMAO, can't you tell?

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Updated September 27, 2021

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