20 Tweets from Trump's Inauguration that might make you LOL

It doesn't matter if you are a Republican or Democrat — making fun of politicians is entertaining. So when Inauguration Day comes around every 4 years, it's open season on Twitter. Here are some of the funniest tweets from Trump's inauguration that just might make you LOL.

1. When you don't get your way:

2. No one makes a better entrance than Ric Flair:

3. FLOTUS Obama trying out for The Office with her "Jim Halpert" look:

4. Just a small disparity in turnout:

5. Friendly diagram to remind all Americans:

6. Bill giving those looks again:

7. President Trump or President Bane:

8. Comparing Bernie Sanders' appearance to a hobo:

9. Our POTUS getting a stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin:

10. Calling for impeachment on Trump's inauguration day:

11. Melania calling shotgun in the chopper:

12. Holding on to the final moments:

13. Is rain good luck or bad luck:

14. Resisting the urge to tweet during his own inauguration:

15. Ice cream is soooo yummy in my tummy:

16. More Biden hijinks:

17. Being patriotic requires actually dressing as a Patriot:

18. It's good to have ole "W" back to lighten the mood:

19. Realizing Michelle could run in 2020:

20. And to close it out, a word from God: