1. What does LOL stand for?

Laughing out loud

LOL stands for "laughing out loud." It is one of the most popular acronyms for reacting to something funny when texting or messaging online.

LOL is similar to haha or hehe and communicates that the sender is laughing out loud, or at least laughing in their head. The acronym is even the title of a 2012 full-length film starring Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus. Despite its mega popularity, older people sometimes use the LOL acronym to mean "lots of love.".


I can't believe you did that, lol!

LOL means laughing out loud

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Updated July 6, 2016
2. What does LoL stand for in gaming?

League of Legends

Gamers use LoL to refer to League of Legends, a popular team-based MOBA. In LoL, players control powerful champions and attempt to take over the other team's territory to achieve victory.

Released in October 2009 by Riot Games, League has since become an esports and multimedia juggernaut. Its international competitive circuit is comprised of 12 separate leagues, and over 100 million people watched the 2019 LoL World Championship. LoL has also spawned spinoff comic books, short stories, and video games (including TFT).

LoL remains F2P, meaning you can download and play the game today without paying any money. However, be aware that a large portion of the LoL playerbase is toxic, and they tend to troll noobs quite hard.


Wanna play LoL this weekend?
LoL's logo (as of 2019)
LoL's logo (as of 2019)

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Updated November 4, 2021
3. What do boomers use LOL to mean?

Lots of love

Many boomers (likely including your parents, if you're reading this definition) use LOL to mean "lots of love," instead of "laugh out loud." This can result in some hilarious and seemingly-inappropriate messages, in which a boomer's expression of love is (at least initially) misread as laughter.

For example, if you text your mom "Well, I got fired today. Lots of other people too; company's downsizing," she might respond with "Oh sweetie, that's too bad lol." In this instance, it is unlikely your mom is laughing at your misfortune. Instead, she is probably using LOL to mean "lots of love."


Eric and I broke up today. Feeling pretty down
Oh lol honey

A woman who might use LOL to mean "lots of love"

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Updated May 24, 2023
4. What does LOL stand for?

Little old lady

LOL stands for "little old lady," which is typically used in texts or online when talking about a female senior citizen that is small in stature.

While the LOL acronym is incredibly popular, it is most often used as "laughing out loud." Or it may be used by gamers that are referring to the online game, "League of Legends."

When it is used in the context of "little old lady," it is primarily used to refer to old strangers you encounter out in public. Some examples of these LOLs include a slow elderly woman in the check-out line or a woman in a motorized cart that robs you when you go to break a dollar.

Other slang dealing with old people includes OL, OM, DOM, gma, gpa, and boomer.


I always see the same LOL when I go to the grocery store

Don't mess with the LOL

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Updated January 19, 2021

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