The TikTok (Color) Person Trend - Explained

The TikTok color person trend explained

If you've spent any time scrolling TikTok lately, you've likely been asked "Who's your pink?," "Who's your blue?," and "Who's your green?" At first, those questions might make you think TikTok has become infested with 90s kids, asking who your favorite Power Rangers are. However, "Who's your (color)?" is actually tackling a more significant topic.

Each color-related question is asking you to name a specific, important person in your life, who fits the heartwarming criteria associated with that color. If you want to get in on this wholesome TikTok trend, keep reading, so you can figure out who your own pink, blue, green, and other color people are.

Who is your pink?

Your pink, or pink person, is the person in your life who you love most. This person has likely been by your side for years, seen you at your best and worst, and (still) loves you for exactly who you are.

As you'd expect, many TikTokers state that their SO is their pink person. (Aww, how cute.) However, those who are closer with their BFF, a parent, or a mentor may say that person is their pink.

Who is your blue?

Your blue, or blue person, is a person who entered your life at the exact moment you needed them and changed things for the better. This person's presence soothes, comforts, and reassures you, making it easy to discuss your worries and fears with them.

Sometimes, TikTokers also specify that your blue must be someone you met within the last year. However, not all TikTokers agree that you must have met a person recently for them to be your blue.

Who is your green?

Your green, or green person, is someone you met by chance and quickly became BFFs with. While it's wild that this person entered your life at all, the two of you are now inseparable - and you can't imagine a world in which you never met.

Personality-wise, TikTokers often say your green makes you feel seen and understood. As a result, you can tell your green anything and trust they'll listen to what you have to say, without judging you.

Who is your (insert color here)?

While "Who's your pink?," "Who's your blue?," and "Who's your green?" are the most common color-related questions you'll encounter on TikTok, you may also be asked to assign people in your life to other colors. Here's what some of those less popular colors mean:

  • Yellow person: Your yellow, or yellow person, is someone you instantly clicked with, and who makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Purple person: Your purple, or purple person, is someone who makes your life better simply by existing.
  • Red person: This label means the same thing as yellow person.
  • Orange person: This label means the same thing as green person.

As you can see from some of those definitions, these less-popular colors' meanings are often conflated amongst both each other and pink, blue, and green. So, before you assign a person to any of these colors, you might want to make sure you know exactly what the person who asked "Who is your (color)?" means.