Pink Person

What does pink person mean on TikTok?

The person you love most

A TikToker's pink person is the person they trust and love most. People use this label when answering the questions "Who's your pink?" and "Who is your pink person?," as part of TikTok's color person trend.

What is TikTok's color person trend?

The color person trend involves TikTokers identifying important people in their lives who fit specific criteria. Each set of criteria corresponds to a particular color, such as pink, blue, or green. The trend took off in summer 2023, precipitating a flood of color person-related TikTok posts. (Of which, pink person posts were the most popular.)


Who is your pink person?
It's so obviously my mom; she has always been there for me and been so supportive
One TikToker's definition of pink person
One TikToker's definition of pink person

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Updated July 12, 2023

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