Blue Person

What does blue person mean on TikTok?

A person who changed your life for the better

A TikToker's blue person is someone who entered their life at exactly the right time, and changed things for the better. People most often use this designation when answering the question "Who's your blue?" or "Who is your blue person?," as part of TikTok's color person trend.

What is the color person trend on TikTok?

The color person trend asks TikTokers to shout out various important people in their lives, who fit specific criteria. Each set of criteria corresponds with a color, such as blue, pink, or green. That's why you'll see TikTokers post about not only their blue person, but also their pink person, green person, and other color people.


Who is your blue person?
My friend Shawn found me right when we were both looking for collaborators. We started making music, and we haven't stopped since
One TikToker's definition of blue person
One TikToker's definition of blue person

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Updated July 12, 2023

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