Green Person

What does green person mean on TikTok?

A close friend you met by chance

A TikToker's green person is someone they met by chance but now couldn't live without. You may see people refer to "their green person" in videos that answer the questions "Who is your green?" or "Who's your green person?" These videos are part of TikTok's color person trend.

What is TikTok's color person trend?

TikTok's color person trend involves users shouting out various significant people in their lives. Each of these people fits a specific set of criteria, associated with a color. Thus, an important person in someone's life might become their green person, blue person, or pink person. The color person trend went viral in summer 2023, giving rise to a host of "Who's your (color)?" videos.


Who is your green person?
My boyfriend! We met by total chance, and now we've been dating seven years
One TikToker's definition of green person
One TikToker's definition of green person

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Updated July 12, 2023

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