What does 2M2M stand for?

Too many to mention

People who don't want to list an abundance of relevant examples may use 2M2M to mean "too many to mention." This acronym is often used when discussing:

  • Reasons a person likes something
  • Reasons a person does not like something
  • How many times a person has performed an action
  • How many distinct items belong to a category

For example, two bros discussing how many girlfriends they've had may say they've had 2M2M. (Also, that all of them lived in Canada. What a coincidence.) As another example, if you ask an award-winning economist what awards they've won, they may tell you they've won 2M2M.


I would list all the reasons I don't like the class, but there are 2m2m

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Updated March 8, 2021

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