What does 2MFM stand for?

Too much for me

When something is just too much for you to handle, it is "2MFM." People often use it when messaging online or in texts when they are overwhelmed.

2MFM is very similar to the "2M2H," "2MI," and "UR2M" terms. There are many instances when you might use 2MFM to express your frustration or helplessness.

For example, if your blind date is extra, you might text your buddy that they are 2MFM. Or, if your friends are going to a bar after a late-night party, you may message them that their plans are 2MFM and that you need to go to bed. A third example might be when you receive overwhelmingly negative or positive news, like that your deceased uncle is leaving you millions of dollars.


You guys go ahead, it's 2MFM at this point

That 2MFM feeling

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Updated January 3, 2022

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