What is a3 short for?

Anytime, anywhere, anyone

A3 is a simple way to tell a person that you are always available. The 3 refers to the 3 "A"s it stands for, which are "anytime, anywhere, anyone."

People often use it when texting or chatting online, especially on social media, and talking about their wide-open availability. Be judicious when you use it because it may come across as pathetic or desperate since you seem too readily available with no friends or things to do.

Examples of when you would send it include making plans to hang out, work on a house project, or go out to eat. Some people may also use it to communicate that they are always romantically available to their crush.


Let me know when you can hang out. I'd love to see you A3!

Slater is A3, baby

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Updated June 22, 2021

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