N/A has 2 meanings
1. What does N/A stand for?

Not Available

N/A is shorthand for "not available." This acronym is often used or shown in place of data, when the data is not available.

People may also send you N/A when they are not available. For example, if you ask your co-worker to meet Monday, they may send back "I'm N/A Monday. How about Tuesday?"


If you see N/A anywhere in the results, it means the data was not available.


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Updated January 19, 2022
2. What does N/A stand for?

Not applicable

Commonly used when filling out forms (online or offline), where certain fields are not applicable to the user.


If you are not married, just put "n/a" where it asks for your spouse's name.

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Updated November 6, 2013

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