What does AFAIK stand for?

As far as I know

AFAIK tells another person that your opinion, belief, or statement is contingent on the limited information you know at that time. It stands for "as far as I know," and it is often used to preface an opinion or statement of personal experience at the beginning of a sentence.

AFAIK is similar to saying "as far as I'm concerned ..." or "from the information I have ..." It tells the recipient you could be wrong because you don't have perfect information.

Most people send AFAIK in text messages and when messaging online. Examples of when you might use AFAIK include sharing an opinion about a friend's love life or advising a student on what to do after high school.


AFAIK, the game is still on tonight
AFAIK means "as far as I know"
AFAIK means "as far as I know"

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Updated August 26, 2021

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