What does AFAIC stand for?

As far as I'm concerned

AFAIC stands for "As far as I'm concerned," and is often used to preface an opinion online or in a text. It may also be written as "AFAIAC," or "AFAIK" or "IMO" to give opinions.

Online, people typically use it in emails, chatrooms, and social media DMs. For example, a person debating the best comic superhero may say, "AFAIC, Hulk is the most powerful hero in the Marvel universe, if not all superheroes."

In text messages, a guy might say to his romantic partner "AFAIC, you are the most wonderful person that has ever lived." Or, you might tell your BFF, "AFAIC, we are the best friends anyone has ever seen!"


AFAIC, it doesn't matter how new my computer is, as long as it works
AFAIC stands for "As far as I'm concerned"
AFAIC stands for "As far as I'm concerned"

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Updated November 1, 2021

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