What does BFD stand for?

Big freakin' deal


BFD is an exaggerated version of BD that people may use seriously or sarcastically, depending on the context. People typically send it in texts or online messages but may also use it in emails and social media.

If used seriously, people utilize it to emphasize the enormity of something, such as an issue, achievement, or event. For example, your friend may congratulate you on your graduation by labeling it a "BFD."

If used sarcastically, people may send it when reacting to someone that has been overblown, like a lame accomplishment. For example, you might reply with "BFD" to someone bragging about getting a cashier job.


Y is every1 getting mad? I don't get what the BFD is
BFD tweet
BFD tweet

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Updated May 2, 2022

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