What does NBD mean in messages?

No big deal

NBD is shorthand for "no big deal," and is a helpful acronym for downplaying the significance of a situation. People may use it in various contexts, like when being thanked for doing something or reassuring someone who apologizes.

For example, if your cousin profusely thanks you for helping her move, you might reply with, "NBD. I'm glad I could help!" Or, your friend texts you to apologize about missing your birthday because of a family emergency, you might say, "NBD! I'm just happy everyone is safe. We can plan another day to celebrate!"

Some people may also use NBD to sound cool. For example, you may tell your friend how cool it is that she surfs, and she replies, "It's nbd. I just love being on the water." People may also use NP as an alternative to NBD.


I was going to do my homework tonight, but it's nbd, I have until Friday anyway
I appreciate. Maybe I can come over and do mine tomorrow, too?

You can seem really cool and relaxed if you don't think anything is a big deal

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Updated October 10, 2023

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