What is BookTube?

YouTubers who discuss books

BookTube is a community of YouTubers who discuss books. BookTubers frequently post book reviews and recommendations, as well as discussions of literary tropes, genres, and characters. While BookTube is similar to TikTok's BookTok community, BookTube videos tend to be much longer, giving BookTubers time to discuss books, authors, and topics in-depth.

While many BookTubers promote fantasy, romance, and YA novels, some promote more "literary" fiction and non-fiction as well. If you're looking for discussion of a certain genre or author, you can likely find it somewhere on BookTube. Additionally, some BookTubers combine their book discussions with cooking videos, home renovation videos, and other types of content, to create a well-rounded (and often cozy) channel.


BookTube has really motivated me to be a more active reader. Now I take notes whenever I read

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Updated December 9, 2022

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