What is fanfic?

Fan fiction

Fanfic, or fan fiction, is a catchall term for unofficial fictional stories written by fans of existing franchises, characters, or even IRL people. These stories are often published online, and they tend to push existing characters into new situations that likely would not occur in official stories.

For example, an author's Star Wars fanfic might star Chewbacca and reveal he has a previously-unexplored connection to the Force. In this fanfic, Chewbacca may go on to become the greatest Jedi to ever swing a lightsaber.

When did fanfic originate?

While fanfic has been around as long as there has been "official" fiction, it's widely acknowledged that the original Star Trek's fandom popularized modern fanfic. The first published Star Trek fanfic began appearing in the 1960s, as part of zines about the show.

Where is fanfic published?

Some of the most popular fanfic sites and apps include:

  • Archive of Our Own (AO3)
  • Wattpad
  • Tumblr


I wrote a fanfic crossover between the MCU and Star Wars that I think Disney should actually do
Be sure to look for content tags before you start reading a fanfic ...
Be sure to look for content tags before you start reading a fanfic ...

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Updated July 31, 2022

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