What does burkini mean?

A full-body Islamic swimming suit

A burkini is a full-body swimming garment worn by some traditional Muslim women. The term combines "burka," a garment worn by women to cover their bodies in public, and "bikini," a type of swimming suit.

The burkini term became popular in 2016 when several resorts in France banned the Islamic swimming suit from its beaches due to its clash with the country's values. Some believe that the ban is a reaction to terrorist attacks and that it violates human rights, while others applaud the move as a way to stand up to oppressive traditions. The term may also appear as "burqini" from the "burqa" spelling variation.


They got in an argument about the ideas of burkinis on the beach and actually broke up
A woman in a burkini on the beach
A woman in a burkini on the beach

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Updated July 5, 2018

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