Clout Demon

What is a clout demon?

A social media user who covets popularity

A clout demon is a person who will shamelessly do or say anything to become more popular on social media. While typical clout chasers have limits, a clout demon has none. They will insert themself into any situation, post pictures or videos of themself doing wildly inappropriate things, and intentionally provoke other users' ire - all in the pursuit of a higher follower count.

Unlike a clout chaser, there is typically no ambiguity about whether a clout demon is chasing clout. A clout demon tailors every post toward prompting interaction, because they know receiving likes, shares, and comments makes their post more likely to be seen by others. (Clout demons do not care whether the interaction they receive is positive or negative. Both kinds cause their posts to be seen more frequently.) Clout demons also often comment on famous people's posts, in hopes that the influencer will share, like, or respond to their comment, giving that comment a bump.

In essence, clout demons have transformed their entire social media presence into a follower acquisition machine. They do not care about the "social" part of social media; they just want to achieve a high score.


Kenny's become a total clout demon; I unfollowed him. I don't want to put up with his fake incendiary nonsense
A clout demon confesses on Twitter
A clout demon confesses on Twitter

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Updated July 23, 2021

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