Delete Your Account

What does delete your account mean?

Go away

Delete your account means go away. It is a diss that is used online in repsonse to a person who says or does something objectionable.

The phrase is a command that urges the person, often a troll, to voluntarily remove himself from an online community by deleting his account. It is meant to be a succinct response where you don't even want to speak another word to the individual because you are so disgusted or annoyed. It is similar to the "go home" and "talk to the hand" insults. The phrase's popularity blew up on Twitter when Hillary Clinton tweeted "Delete your account" in response to a Donald Trump tweetsult.


What's wrong with being a belieber?
Delete your account
Clinton's viral "Delete your account" tweet
Clinton's viral "Delete your account" tweet

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Updated June 17, 2016

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