What does durdle mean?

To take a long time to do something

To durdle means to waste time taking actions that may eventually, someday, possibly pay off. This slang term originated within the Magic: The Gathering (MTG) community, where it is used to describe players and decks that take a long time to do something.

On occasion, you may see durdle used outside the context of Magic. For example, in response to a video of a QB getting sacked, an American football fan (who likely plays Magic) may tweet "Of course you're going to get sacked if you durdle around like that." You may also encounter variants of durdle, such as durdly, durdler, durdling, and durdled.


Stop durdling and make a decision already
But what if it's not the right one!
 Magic pro Luis Scott-Vargas explaining durdle's origin
Magic pro Luis Scott-Vargas explaining durdle's origin

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Updated August 9, 2023

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