What does GNST stand for?

Goodnight, sleep tight

GNST is a common way to end a conversation online or in a text message before going to bed. It stands for "goodnight, sleep tight," which is a popular saying for wishing a good night's rest for a person.

Where did GNST come from?

There are no clear origins for the actual saying, but one common narrative comes from the 1800s when tight strings or ropes that supported a mattress translated into a restful sleep. People began using GNST as shorthand for the saying in the 2000s as the Internet and cell phone usage increased.

When do I use GNST?

You can use GNST in texts, emails, and online when it's late at night and you are about to go to bed. Or you may use it when you know the recipient is going to rest, possibly taking a mid-day nap due to a newborn baby or working the night shift.


Well it's getting pretty late, I should be getting to bed. GNST!
Cats are all about GNST
Cats are all about GNST

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Updated June 1, 2021

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