What does HBU stand for?

How 'bout you

HBU is often used online and in text messages to ask, "How 'bout you?" It is primarily utilized to ask about a person's opinion on something or how they are doing.

When used online, HBU is typically seen in forums and social sites where opinions are often exchanged (even though productive digital discourse is rare). Some contexts when HBU is sent include wondering about a person's thoughts on the POTUS, a divisive song, a controversial movie, or how toilet paper should be placed on a roll.

HBU is one of many acronyms/abbreviations used to initiate conversation and/or opinion exchange. Other variations include HBY, WBU, HAY, HRU, suh, and wup.


I thought the movie was pretty good, HBU?

Good question, HBU?

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Updated March 2, 2021

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