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Web forums, bulletin boards, online discussions, or whatever else you want to call them — are a common place to use slang. Knowing common acronyms and abbreviations used in online forums can help you understand other postings and avoid miscommunication. The following table contains a list of slang terms commonly used in web forums.

Slang Term Meaning Votes
IDKI don't know
VRVirtual reality
PCPersonal computer
TYThank you
OMGOh my gosh
PS4PlayStation 4
n00bA new or inexperienced user
BTWBy the way
LANLocal Area Network
TrollingPosting offensive comments
FFFFlat foreign female
TLDRToo long, didn't read
YWYou're welcome
POVPoint of view
ChungusA cute, chunky creature
IMOIn my opinion
TBHTo be honest
TMNTTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
go brrrSolve a problem
WTSWant to sell
Alphabet mafiaLGBTQIA+ people
N64Nintendo 64
FOMOFear of missing out
COCCode of conduct
MCYTMinecraft YouTuber
Dunk onMake fun of
GOATGreatest of all time
LGSLocal game store
CMIIWCorrect me if I'm wrong
IMHOIn my humble opinion
RIPRest in peace
CCGCollectible card game
IAPIn-app purchase
PS3PlayStation 3
GALGet a life
PMPrivate message
Tune upBeat up
IMHOIn my honest opinion
TrollA person who posts offensive comments
POTUSPresident of the United States
CGComputer Graphics
IOWIn other words
irlA real-life person
YMMVYour mileage may vary
Paper handsTo sell a stock at the first sign of trouble
ICYMIIn case you missed it
vlogVideo blog
SWYPSo what's your problem
U mad broAre you mad?
YRLYou are lame
FOCFree of charge
NDSNintendo DS
TCGTrading card game
FlamingAngering other Internet users
WIPWork in progress
StonksQuestionable or meaningless financial gains
Lady bonerFemale feeling of sexual arousal
NBSPNo bull s*** please
TBFTo be fair
ZaddyA composed, fashionable, and attractive man
OTSOff the subject
PlankingLying face down and straight like a plank
WCGWorld Cyber Games
YWAYou're welcome anyway
BIONBelieve it or not
TRSThat really sucks
AFAICAs far as I'm concerned
GMVGot my vote
STFDSit the f*** down
RedditorA Reddit user
CSBCool story, bro
IACIn any case
OTOff topic
WRTWith regard to
WYWHWish you were here
WDYTWhat do you think
HimboA naive, musclebound male
TTTTTo tell the truth
TILToday I learned
SASexual assault
Cinnamon rollA kind, gentle person
WBUWhat 'bout you
IMAI might add
DoomerA person who focuses on negative possibilities
ThreadjackingSteering a discussion away from the original topic
DDDue diligence
IIRCIf I remember correctly
N/ANot applicable
IAWTCI agree with the comment
PnPParty and Play
TFTIThanks for the information
OPOriginal poster
FTFYFixed that for you
SATScholastic Aptitude Test
PCPolitically correct
OTPOne true pairing
WYWTAWhat you wanna talk about?
Put on blastTo call out
FCOLFor crying out loud
FTRFor the record
HTHHope this helps
WCGWWhat could go wrong
IRTIn regards to
LOTRLord of the Rings
Sussy bakaSuspicious fool
LSSLong story short
sicSpelling incorrect
MIMASMay I make a suggestion
OOTDOutfit of the day
AITAAm I the a**hole
OOTLOut of the loop
AmogusAmong Us
Snapback culturePressure on new moms to snap back to their pre-pregnancy bodies
OTLOne true love
GloomerAn apathetic 20-something
wagsWives and girlfriends
OT3One true threesome
GatekeepTo police who has access to an identity or community
DBTSDon't believe that stuff
SSIASubject says it all
CopypastaA block of text that is often copied and pasted online
CapeTo defend someone's actions, often undeservedly
ChonkAn overweight animal
BrigadingWhen one online community harasses another
IAGIt's all good
RTFMRead the flippin' manual
IMIOIn my infallible opinion
FHFuture husband
SFYSpeak for yourself
GSOHGreat sense of humor
TBDTo be determined
FAANGFacebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google
Book hangoverRemaining attached to a book you just finished
YSKYou should know
LMGTFYLet me Google that for you
JFIJust for information
B&WBlack and white
HNMHappy new month
Sock puppet accountA fake online identity
BOLOBe on the lookout
ICWYMI see what you mean
SCOTUSSupreme Court of the United States
It meI identify with that
HeadcanonA fan's unverified beliefs about a story
FA Twitch stream has accidentally disconnected
AFAICTAs far as I can tell
NYPName your price
IMEIn my experience
ISTMIt seems to me
TMATake my advice
HusbandoA fictional man that a real person has a crush on
Diamond handsTo hold a stock through losses
WDUMBTWhat do you mean by that?
DUDon't understand
QQQuick question
PEBKACProblem exists between keyboard and chair
GTFGone too far
WATCHWalmart, Amazon, Target, Costco, Home Depot
WTBWant to buy
PIOGPosted in other groups
WAHMWork-at-home mom
TISUThis is so unfair
IGII get it
OMGDOh my gosh, duh
RPFReal person fiction
AFAIACAs far as I am concerned
WADRWith all due respect
IAI agree
JFGIJust flippin' Google it
SERPSearch engine results page
TBETo be edited
PYHOOYAPull your head out of your a**
BOTDBenefit of the doubt
SmolSmall and cute
NCNo Contact
Helicopter momAn overly involved mom
IMPOVIn my point of view
Yuck your yumCriticize something you like
NFINo further information
VODVideo on demand
DNFTTDo not feed the trolls
HPTHome pregnancy test
SAHDStay-at-home dad
AlgospeakSlang used to bypass content filters
IMPOIn my personal opinion
HYFRHeck ya, freakin' right
PBUHPeace be upon Him
GMAFBGive me a friggin' break
J-PowJerome Powell
PNSFWProbably not safe for work
SAEStamped addressed envelope
inb4In before
S-tierTop rank
VolcelVoluntary celibate
GreenwashingDeceptively claiming to be eco-friendly
DYORDo your own research
Crypto MomSEC Commissioner Hester Peirce
DAEDoes anyone else
DerailTo take a discussion off topic
CONUSContiguous United States
T4TUThanks for the update
TIFUToday I F***ed Up
TSFWTotally safe for work
AIUIAs I understand it
DBEYRDon't believe everything you read
OTDOf the day
GMTAGreat minds think alike
IYAMIf you ask me
IMAOIn my arrogant opinion
KyleA basic white boy
OTOther topic
RFCRequest for comment
TOHThe other half
TUTTotally unique thought
YWIAYou're welcome in advance
CUCredit union
PEBCAKProblem exists between chair and keyboard
Comment ghostingRemoving a user's comments
DHDear hubby
IMCOIn my considered opinion
IMNSVHOIn my not so very humble opinion
Virtual restaurantDelivery-only restaurant
WWWrong Window
POTCPirates of the Caribbean
HBUHow 'bout you
LPTLife Pro Tip
QFTQuoted for truth
gitGet over it
RTFBRead the flippin' book
QFEQuestion for everyone
SROStanding room only
PC4PCPicture comment for picture comment
PSOGPure stroke of genius
WaifuA fictional female that a real person has a crush on
BDUBrain dead user
NSFVNot safe for viewing
At homeA worse version of something
NSSNo s*** Sherlock
CTOCheck this out
ITYFI think you'll find
SquickA big turn-off
SlashSame-sex romance fan fiction
Insta copBuy immediately
Hot Vax SummerSummer 2021
WRTWith respect to
MTFMore to follow
WeebA non-Japanese person obsessed with Japanese pop culture
TWTrigger warning
DTRTDo the right thing
SMHScratching my head
GastrodiplomacyWhen a country uses its cuisine to boost its reputation
The Streisand EffectWhen an attempt to hide information draws greater attention
WIIFMWhat's in it for me?
DOADead on arrival
BBSBulletin board system
CTSChange the subject
TIHIThanks, I hate it
EOFEnd of file
BIFLBuy it for life
NGMINot gonna make it
HIHHope it helps
TendiesChicken tenders
IJWTKI just want to know
IJWTSI just want to say
ISTRI seem to recall
ITSFWIIf the shoe fits, wear it
ASATAs simple as that
UXUser Interface
AONAs of now
B&FBack and forth
BCBGBon Chic Bon Genre
WAHWork at home
IMBOIn my biased opinion
MLMMen loving men
L4D2Left for Dead 2
PS2PlayStation 2
ShadowbanTo secretly censor a social media user's content
GIGlycemic Index
NTANot the a**hole
WDITWhy do I try
WojakA Microsoft Paint-created Internet character
BloomerA well-adjusted 20-something
BeckyA basic white girl
NSFANot safe for anyone
NocoinerA person who owns no cryptocurrency
B1G1Buy one, get one
PRPublic relations
TBQHTo be quite honest
TBTGThanks be to God
TTTEThomas the Tank Engine
CAFOConcentrated Animal Feeding Operation
MRAMen's rights activist
SEOSearch engine optimization
W2KWindows 2000
BangerAn awesome, energetic piece of media
HBCUHistorically black colleges and universities
PIBKACProblem is between keyboard and chair
PICNICProblem in chair, not in computer
SPDSymphysis Pubis Dysfunction
WinternityEternal winter
PlebAn unsophisticated person
TechlexicUnable to comprehend technology
CIOCry it out
YAYoung Adult
QuarantiniA quarantine-times cocktail
Y/NYour name
AAAs above
ATSLAlong the same lines
BOTBack on topic
MSIMinority-serving institutions
CreepypastaA horror story posted on the Internet
LCGLiving card game
Dab handAn expert
EODEnd of discussion
EOLEnd of lecture
Rent Free In My HeadIs frequently on my mind
IB2DI beg to differ
OOCOut of context
IMHAROIn my humble and respectful opinion
QAnutterA QAnon believer
IMNSHOIn my not so humble opinion
Shot Girl SummerSummer 2021
Baby trapWhen one partner misleads the other to cause a pregnancy
POSPower of suggestion
YTAYou're the a**hole
RTFARead the flippin' article
BlursedBlessed and cursed
TTBOMKTo the best of my knowledge
WAEFRDWhen all else fails, read directions
WLWWomen loving women
CFVCall for votes
DYJHIWDon't you just hate it when
IANALI am not a lawyer
OCOriginal content
DLDRDon't like, don't read
FTPFile transfer protocol
WYSIWYGWhat you see is what you get
DWDear wife
BBRBroken beyond repair
RTFFAQRead the flippin' FAQ
CWContent warning
FTMFemale to male
DeplatformTo remove a user from a social network or website
MBAMacBook Air
TOWThe one with
RATMRage Against The Machine
GSMGender and sexuality minority
GDIGod d*** it
OLTLOne Life to Live
ShowmanceA romance between actors starring in the same production
nmtnNever mind that now
QueerbaitingImplying but never actualizing a non-hetero relationship
IMSOIn my sovereign opinion
BFRBig freakin' rock
NoPooNo shampoo
OTDOn this day
MIBMen in Black
HCOLHigh cost of living
FWFuture wife
NOTPNot one true pairing
Anti-shipAnti-problematic shipping
SALSShip and let sail
HPDCHappy People Don't Complain
TMFTToo much free time
FUPAFatty upper pubic area
ADPICAlways Dependably Politically Incorrect
FanonUnverified story points fans believe are canon
BWTHDIKBut what the heck do I know
FYMFor your misinformation
iccIcecrown Citadel
BFNBig fat negative
HWCUHistorically white colleges and universities
TPTBThe powers that be
YAAYet another acronym
BKABetter known as
MukbangEating show
FUCTFailed under continuous testing
Digital nomadA person who performs their job online while traveling
WAGMIWe're all gonna make it
IIRIf I remember
INPOIn no particular order
PEBCACProblem exists between chair and computer
4saleFor sale
MTFMale to female
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
DMNDSDoesn't make no dang sense
PSGWSPPlay stupid games, win stupid prizes
M2FMale to female
QTPOCQueer and/or trans people of color
QPOCQueer people of color
NBLWNon-binary loving women
CGMCurly girl method
NBLMNon-binary loving men
DFDear fiance
FMIFor more information
FreebieA free item or service
Marmite characterA person people either hate or love
Co WashingConditioner-only washing
QuantQuantitative analyst
OTSOpen two-seater
BDDBody dysmorphic disorder
Ghost banningCensoring a social media user's posts
Pro-shipPro-problematic shipping
HMPHelp me, please
FFFast forward
PFPPicture for proof
BOGOBuy one, get one
MSRPManufacturer's suggested retail price
OOPOut of pocket
WYBWhen you buy
RMAReturn Merchandise Authorization
Revenge travelTraveling done to spite COVID-19
FanficFan fiction
TARFUThings are really fouled up
ToCTable of contents
VPLVisible panty line
VGVideo game
IBTLIn before the lock
phobarPhotoshopped beyond all recognition
Here for itExcited about it
Shower thoughtAn idea that comes to you in the shower
TTTTo the top
UrbexUrban exploration
Silver foxAn attractive older man
VBOVisible belly outline
PWIPredominantly white institution
IIUCIf I understand correctly
SSASame-sex attraction
ABPAlready been posted
F2MFemale to male
AstroturfingFaking a grassroots movement
You win the InternetYou are awesome
FlamerA person who angers other Internet users
SOTDShoe of the day
Fiver partyA birthday party for a child where guests give $5
SportswashingUsing sports to improve a bad reputation
CybermobA group of online users that harasses other users
ACNHAnimal Crossing: New Horizons
DHYBDon't hold your breath
ICI see
OBOOr best offer
HYLHelp You Later
BWQBuzzword quotient
BTSBehind the scenes
MBPMacBook Pro

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