What does IDEK stand for?

I don't even know

IDEK is a variation of the commonly used IDK acronym that stands for "I don't even know." The "E" for "even" adds a little more emphasis and exasperation.

Most people use IDEK when they feel like they don't have an adequate answer for why something is the way it is. For example, a person may send IDEK when asked why something technologically confusing isn't working or why an irresponsible friend keeps making bad decisions.

People often use it at the beginning of a sentence when bringing up a frustrating perspective. Or, if people are agitated, they might use it as a one-word answer to someone's frustrating question.


IDEK what in the world he was talking about
Confused Twitter user using IDEK
Confused Twitter user using IDEK

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Updated September 20, 2021

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