What does instadad mean?

A man who marries a person with kids

An Instadad is a man who marries a person with one or more kids. The man is also commonly referred to as a stepdad.

An instadad often does not have any kids of his own before he weds his bride. But after the marriage he instantly becomes a dad by inheriting whatever churrin belong to his SO. Of course, some instadads already have kids before inheriting more children, like Mike Brady from "The Brady Bunch," a popular example of an instadad. He became a dad to Carol's three daughters when he married her.


He really wants to marry Amanda but is worried about his role as an instadad
He's great with kids, he shouldn't worry at all!
A famous example of an instadad is Mike Brady (lower middle)
A famous example of an instadad is Mike Brady (lower middle)

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Updated June 3, 2016

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