What kind of dad is a SAHD?

Stay-at-home dad

A SAHD is a "stay-at-home dad," a father who stays at home and takes care of his child(ren). His full-time job is maintaining the house and the kid(s) in it instead of a full-time position out of the house (which his partner likely holds).

SAHD is similar to a SAHM, which is more common. However, the difference has waned due to the gender pay gap decrease and the influx of women in the workforce.

You will likely see the SAHD acronym in parenting forums, in messages, and on social sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. For example, you might text your recently let-go brother-in-law, "How's SAHD life treating you?"


The number of SAHDs seems to be increasing lately
Yeah, I saw a herd of them at the park on Wednesday afternoon
A SAHD with his son
A SAHD with his son

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Updated March 27, 2023

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