What does Isnotrael mean on social media?

Israel is not real

Isnotrael is a sentiment people may post on social media to protest Israel as not a real country (combined into "Isnotrael" or sometimes "Isnotreal"). For example, if a TikTok user disagrees with Israel's policies, they may leave the "Isnotrael" comment on a video related to Israel (also when the video is unrelated to Israel).

Origin of Isnotrael

The origins of "Isnotrael" are unknown. However, it became popular among Israel critics on social sites, especially TikTok, in 2022. The bitterness towards Israel mostly comes from the long dispute between Palestine and Israel over land (with some Israel opponents arguing that the country is illegitimate).


I don't agree much with Palestine's policies, but I don't think Isnotrael is in the right either
What do you recommend, then?
IDK. Maybe they flip a coin for the land?
A TikTok with #isnotrael
A TikTok with #isnotrael

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Updated April 27, 2023

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