Ish has 3 meanings
1. What does ish mean?

Kind of

Ish is a term for "kind of" or "sort of" that is used by someone who is not 100% sure of what they are saying. It is usually said at the end of an answer much like "maybe."

The term should only be used in a casual setting since more formal settings demand a higher form of etiquette and eloquent speech. It is most commonly spoken but may appear online or as a text too.


What's your ETA?
Probs around 9ish

That ish kind of feeling

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Updated September 27, 2016
2. What does ish mean?



Ish is another way to say s*** when online or texting. It comes from the sound made when dubbing explicit lyrics for radio or TV play.

The term is not necessarily used to negatively describe something since it can be used in general to refer to an object. However, it is commonly used for something that is really bad or really good.


That ish is cray
Ish means
Ish means S***

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Updated September 27, 2016
3. What does Ish stand for?

I'm so hungry

On rare occasions, ISH stands for "I'm so hungry." A person who sends you this snack-ronym is very hungry and wants to eat.

If a friend or SO texts ISH, you can respond by asking whether they want to hit up BK, KFC, or mcds. Just make sure to act quickly, before the person you're chatting with becomes hangry or fungry.


ISH, I don't care where we eat tonight

If Snorlax could text, he would constantly send ISH

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Updated December 8, 2020

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