What is kptondl short for?

Keep it on the down low

Kptondl is another way to tell a person to keep something confidential. It is an abbreviation short for "keep it on the down low," where "down low" (DL) means secretive.

Where did kptondl come from?

Keep it on the down low was popularized in Black and Gay communities in the late-1990s to urge others to maintain a piece of knowledge as a secret. The phrase eventually became mainstream popular in the early-2000s. Kptondl was eventually adopted in the early-2000s as an abbreviation for the phrase as online chatting and texting became more commonplace.

When do I use kptondl?

Most people use kptondl in text messages and online, especially in chat messages. You can use kptondl whenever you want someone to keep something a secret and not go around blurting it out. Some examples include telling a friend that you are pregnant but not sharing the news publicly yet or when telling a friend that Brad broke up with Amber, but no one knows yet.

Remember that kptondl is rather obscure, so most people will not understand what it means. So if you are really concerned about a secret, it's best just to say, "Keep it secret; no one knows."


It's confidential information, so KPTONDL

Sensitive information, kptondl

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Updated May 19, 2021

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