1. What does CFS stand for?

Cute, funny, sweet

CFS is a way to describe someone or something as "cute, funny, and sweet." It is most often used in texts and online when talking about a crush.

You will most likely see this in a tween's or teen's messages since they are smack dab in the middle of prime raging-hormones years and in and out of love every day. However, young adults may use it, along with the occasional flirty and youthful boomer.

Besides people, you may see it used to describe movies, books, and TV shows that evoke warm fuzzies. Rom coms are a perfect example of a CFS movie.


OMG, Felipe is CFS. Imma die!

Thinking about that CFS someone

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Updated March 1, 2021
2. What does CFS stand for?

Care for a secret?

A chatting acronym used to ask another person if they want to hear a secret.


BTW, CFS about John?

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Updated May 20, 2014

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