What does LHU stand for?

Lord help us

When things are looking grim, and you are exasperated, you might message people, "LHU," which stands for "Lord help us." For example, when your wife texts you that her flight has been delayed several hours, you might respond with, "Oh my, LHU."

People have uttered "Lord help us" for many years to call upon a higher deity for assistance in a frustrating, annoying, irritating, or displeasing situation. Then, as people began texting on phones and messaging online in the late-1990s and early-2000s, they transformed the phrase into the LHU letters to save time and space.

An instance when you might use LHU is when finding out that a terrible candidate has become POTUS. Or, you might have just discovered that your wife is pregnant with triplets.


LHU, what is this world coming to?
A facepalm may accompany LHU
A facepalm may accompany LHU

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Updated April 18, 2022

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