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Australians commonly use macca as a nickname for anyone whose surname begins with "Mc." However, after the Big Mac arrived in the Land Down Under, maccas became synonymous with "McDonald's."

It turns out, Australians feel the need to create cute, clipped nicknames for most people and items. (See also: barbie (barbeque), chockie (chocolate), chalkie (teacher), mozzie (mosquito).) So it's no surprise the country created a diminutive for McDonald's. The franchise's official Australian Twitter account even goes by @maccas, which shows how much pride Australia places in its ability to never call anything by its real name.


Can u believe they're building another Maccas just down the road?
Crikey, I know.
The official @maccas Twitter account

The official @maccas Twitter account

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Updated June 17, 2021

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