1. What does KFC stand for?

Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC is an acronym for Kentucky Fried Chicken, a popular American fast food restaurant chain. It specializes in chicken and is represented by Colonel Harland Sanders, the man who created the chain.

The franchise opened its first location in 1952 and quickly grew in popularity as an alternative to the hamburger. KFC helped popularize fried chicken and the chain moved to locations around the world. KFC is one of several acronyms and abbreviations for fast food chains, along with DQ, mcds, and BK.


Do u wanna stop at KFC on the way back?
A common meal ordered at KFC
A common meal ordered at KFC

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Updated March 15, 2017
2. What do KFC haters think KFC means?

Kid Fattening Clinic

Those deriding Kentucky Fried Chicken may pretend KFC instead stands for "Kid Fattening Clinic." People who use this version of KFC think (rightly) that eating too much fried chicken isn't good for you, and is likely to make you fat.

You're most likely to see KFC used this way in forum and social media posts, in which users are judging others for eating (or letting their children eat) at KFC too often. Those who know they eat too much KFC may also say it stands for Kid Fattening Clinic, as a sheepish admission that they should try to eat healthier.


I can't believe you let your kids eat at the Kid Fattening Clinic so often
Eh, a little KFC never hurt anyone
But a lot of KFC has

A child who has been to the local KFC

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Updated April 26, 2023

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