Man Crush

What does man crush mean?

A likable guy

Man crush is a term that refers to a very likable guy that you would want to hang out with. It can be applied to a really cool famous person, like an actor or athlete, or just a guy you like.

A man crush may be likable for a variety of reasons, such as a cool personality, attractive physical traits, or just being rich. The term is typically used by a guy who likes another guy, but may also be used by females. Also, it is not meant to be sexual, instead it is centered around the pursuit of friendship with the person. Typically, the term is used as a noun but it may also be used as a verb, like "I've been man crushing on him lately".


Gosling is my main man crush after seeing La La Land

A fan not afraid to proclaim his man crush

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Updated February 14, 2018

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