What does neway mean in messages?


Neway is an abbreviation people use in messages for "anyway." They typically use it as a segue to transition to a different topic than the one currently discussed.

For example, if you are discussing sports and want to change the subject to your upcoming vacation, you might text, "Neway, I'm glad the playoff series will be done before I go to my mountain retreat for vacation." Or, you might email your co-worker, "Neway, I gotta get back to work now."

While neway is technically an abbreviation, it only saves you from typing one additional character (and may confuse the recipient). So you may want to just type out "anyway" anyway.


Is there neway u can drive 2nite?
Sure thing
While it is obscure, you may still see neway in messages
While it is obscure, you may still see neway in messages

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Updated August 7, 2023

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