What is nethng short for in messages and emails?


Nethng is an abbreviation for "anything" that removes several vowels but adds an "e." People typically use it in texts, emails, and when chatting online.

The nethng abbreviation is one of those that are barely an abbreviation since they don't save on many characters ("ne" is short for "any," and "thing" is missing an "i). Additionally, nethng is sometimes mistaken as a misspelling of "nothing."

People who use this obscure acronym are usually Internet-savvy "cool moms" and teenage girls. Since the nethng is uncommon, you should be judicious when using it since it will likely confuse the recipient.


I'll try nethng 2 save time, including using crazy abbreviations
Time is money!
You may see "nethng" as an abbreviation for "anything" in messages and emails
You may see "nethng" as an abbreviation for "anything" in messages and emails

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Updated May 2, 2023

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